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Advanced Power International, LLC (API) is a full service export company providing solutions in the areas of power quality, protection and energy savings.

We are strategically located in southern Illinois close to our major suppliers, and have 2 regional offices in southern Florida and in El Salvador to give support to our network of distributors and systems integrators specialized in the power quality and protection areas in Latin America.

We give complete solutions in the areas of electrical power quality, including total protection solutions and energy savings. Following is a list of the products and services we provide:

1.  Complete analysis of electrical power quality in any industry with diagnosis of problems, including improvements to solve them.

2.  Supply and installation of the equipment and systems required for the improvements and solutions we recommended.

3.  We integrate the following top product lines in our engineered solutions:

  • Joslyn surge protectors.
  • Current Technology power solutions.
  • Cyberex Industrial UPS's and power quality systems.
  • Bravo Communications datacom surge protectors.
  • Eaton Powerware UPS's.
  • Control systems for peak demand management.
  • Capacitor banks to improve the power factor.

Advanced Power International (API) solutions and services will provide cost-effective protection for your critical resources. Our complete end-to-end product solutions address a multitude of applications for AC/DC power and data line protection, as well as for the power quality and energy savings areas.We target a diversified group of industries in the industrial, commercial, retail, medical, telecom, utilities and government markets.

With more than 2 decades of management experience in international sales and operations with engineered products; API has been recognized as the leading provider of power, signal, and communications protection in global markets. API product lines are effectively designed with innovative technology, and proudly manufactured with high quality standards in state-of-the-art facilities across the USA.   

API's leading supply facilities, top engineering teams, and experienced customer service will be there for you! We at API make a commitment to provide fast response times and to ensure the highest quality products available, while achieving on-time delivery with effective solutions engineered to your specifications.


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